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Our Mission

Provide Real Estate Agents with an easy-to-use SaaS mobile and web application  that provides innovative graphs and reports for use in client interactions.

Our Story

The REDAGraph SaaS mobile and web applications were designed by experienced Real Estate Agency Owners, Realtors, and Agents to provide easy-to-understand graphs and reports using current MLS data. Instead of using zip code-level data, REDAGraph uses MLS Area-level data to provide a clearer picture of averages and trends in a Real Estate Market. Additionally, individual MLS Areas can be grouped together to create customized data sets for certain Neighborhood reports.

REDAGraph built its mobile and web applications using Microsoft's Secure Azure Cloud Services to provide security and scalability for a large user base.​

The application’s simple graphs and reports ensure that an agent can easily incorporate the data into client interactions. These graphs and reports can be exported in various formats or emailed to clients. 

REDAGraph offers a PowerPoint add-in that embeds graphs and reports in a PowerPoint presentation for more complex client interactions. The final PowerPoint presentations display current MLS data in all reports.

Experienced Leadership

REDAGraph is a SaaS product created by Makes IT Work. The development team at Makes IT Work has over 50 years of combined development experience producing software and data solutions for various industries.

Our Marketing, Sales, and Support teams strive to meet or exceed clients’ needs in each encounter.

REDAGraph will continue to grow and improve since the application design is driven by experienced Real Estate Agents armed with current MLS data.

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